Sala para conter reflexões

CATEGORIA: CATEGORY: Collaboration , Group Exhibitions

“Room to contain reflections”, site-specific installation in collaboration with Manuel Mesquita for Maia Contemporary Art Biennial 2019, curated by Luís Pinto Nunes and Luís Albuquerque Pinho

The alteration of the morphologic features of a space may cause the dislocation of its reality, endowing it with new meanings and contexts, reconfiguring its perception and the relationship it establishes with what intersects it. The decoding of a space via the elimination of its per- ception and dimension – contrary to its vanishing, a new layer is added that suggests a new interpretation and recognition.

The absence of echo adds a new dimension to our perception of spatial dimensions, such as our ability to isolate the world around us, and our inner personal dimen- sion. Covered in discarded paper – the waste generated by a Maia-based typography – this is a new, dry space without the ability to reflect sound and almost amorphous – a space for cancelation.

This room to contain reflections alters the structure and the internal acoustics of the container, almost mimicking an anechoic chamber. Mafalda Santos’ intervention is complemented by Manuel Mesquita’s collaboration for the creation of sound to inhabit this container. The need for a moment in which information is clear and distinct, even if this is caused by the cancelation of external noise, calls for an examination of the pertinence of a space for a precise reflection, free from external contamination, as we become increasingly self-aware.

Luís Pinto Nunes

Luis Albuquerque Pinho



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