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Individual exhibition Tamatave, at Presença Gallery, Lisbon

Madagascar is the title of an enormous volume of forty thousand pages, an object that is organized in the construction of a drawing. Twenty thousand sheets collaborate as pixels to form a tenth of a millimeter by a tenth of a millimeter representing a palm tree. Tamatave, a sea port on the tropical island, is the image of this border of the inaccessible, represented here through the reproduction of a postcard found in Madrid.

In the work of Mafalda Santos, we have, side by side, the suggestion of the book and the allusion to the chimera of the exotic, of the worlds inaccessible not only by distance but also because they are on a plane that we tend to consider outside the possibility of our experience. This volume cannot yet be opened, it announces the edge of an uncharted territory.



  • Vai e Vem e Vem e Vai (2015) | Mafalda Santos artist
    Vai e Vem e Vem e Vai
  • Pretérito Imperfeito (2013) | Mafalda Santos artist
    The Kappa Effect#4
  • Booliana_ Poema Binário (2020) | Mafalda Santos artist
    Booliana_ Poemas Binários

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