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Exhibition with Gustavo Sumpta at Galeria Presença, Porto.

True thoughts are those alone
which do not understand themselves.”

Theodor W. Adorno,
Minima Moralia, pt. 3, sct. 122

The dice are launched, we have this time of breathing stopped, in the meantime we will act suspended from the fruits of the consequences of this gesture. These worlds have lost their words, we live in a moment of weightlessness, as in Tarkovsky’s Solaris, “there is no problem”, we leave the culture, “everything is fine”. Tacitly, we abandon the discourse rule and give our intention to the body in space.
Between Mafalda Santos and Gustavo Sumpta there is the dichotomy of the desert, always divided into two – day and night – by the imposition of a territory so perfectly homogenized, arid. Through a game of oppositions, colors and materials, they speak of the breadth of distance, create distance, they are works that are linked by contrast. This separation is an enhancer of paths and wanderings about the emptiness of contemporary categories, so sterile and refined. Without principles of the world, after the explosion of the center, only the peripheral excursions and the topology of the convoluted networks remain, which, living from the difference, end up defining the unique quality of the space.

 Let us abandon interpretive efforts for now, let us accept that the overlapping of discourses can harm the way we see, these works are these works – they represent, are, deconstructive processes of the meshes that impose on us as cognitive creatures. On either side, structure and escape; violent contrasts in the weaving of the works themselves, which collaborate in the construction of figurations that reveal themselves only through cutting / breaking and feed on the real through intestinal tunnels. In the meantime, half the moment, everyone is waiting for clarification. It is this stage of growth, the road to Rome, that one wishes to leave, let this be the halfway point. We hear from afar the news of a great fire that explodes history and frees us from the Great Narratives – we return to the sensitive; we will have to conquer the small things, the simple ones, for our side.

Not today / today, the world will continue to exhale doubt, in it life chooses, creates and invents. Trophies are ridiculous if the width of the mesh and the factual individual constructions cannot be understood, when we do not separate from them. This exhibition is delivered, when looking and evaluating, it is a moment without correction. Sooner or later, the data will find immobility, then we will have answers and decide the continuity of the game.

Text on Mafalda Santos e Gustavo Sumpta – Galeria Presença, José Roseira, 2007, Porto.



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