April 19th opening of “Os braços abertos formam ângulos rectos ” (“Open arms form right angles”) at Galeria Trem, in Faro.
On display until July 9th 2022.

Os braços abertos formam ângulos rectos 
group exhibition with Isabel Baraona, Mafalda Santos and Susana Gaudêncio
a project by Pessoa Colectiva 

The exhibition “Os braços abertos formam ângulos rectos ” is the second moment of a trilogy initiated in 2020, in Porto, with the project “A mão que segura e a que se eleva no ar”, titles inspired by the artistic and poetic practice of Ana Hatherly .

The title offers us an image, that of a body that draws in space: a right angle, a semicircle, an embrace, a direction. This body defines geometries, acts of freedom and resistance, positioning itself as an axis from which we can rethink the past and build the future.

Curated by Pessoa Colectiva, the exhibition is the result of an invitation by the Center for Research in Arts and Communication – CIAC / University of Algarve, and has the support of FCT and the Municipality of Faro / Faro Municipal Museum.

Pessoa Colectiva (2010) is a project by Mafalda Santos and Susana Gaudêncio which promotes collaborations with other artists, through the curatorship of exhibitions, joint artistic projects, editing and mediation.

Rua do TREM, n.º 5, 8000-304 Faro
[Free Admission]


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