Pontas Duplas / Split Ends |Aida Castro | Mafalda Santos artista | Galeria Presença
Opening April 15th, 4 pm

PONTAS DUPLAS / SPLIT ENDS, at Galeria Presença
until June 5th 2021
Schedule: Tuesday – Friday 10h00-12h30 / 15h00-19h00
Saturday 15h00-19h00 (closes sunday and monday)

Aida Castro

Split ends appear when the cuticle, which is the outer part of the thread, is damaged or parched. The split ends are split hair, the ends of which split: split in two, three or more. Split ends also indicates the strategy of doubling the ends, of feinting and multiplying them so that they are not closed univocal. Split is a term commonly used to make a screen at least double. In this exhibition, double ends found in Galeria Presença’s history and in the work of the artists it represents were reactivated, which again install themselves through the occupation of the objects summoned to the space. This montage practice also allows us to imagine other artistic encounters that invent new connections. I mean, DOUBLE.”

Participating artists:
Helena Almeida / Álvaro Lapa 
Mafalda Santos / Gustavo Sumpta
Miguel Palma / Elisa Pône
Diana Geiroto Gonçalves / Carlos Mensil
Coletivo SEM-FIM / Noé Sendas

“Pontas Duplas / Split Ends” is part of the “Situação 21” curated by Miguel von Hafe Pérez with the support of Porto City Hall.


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