A Bula do Medo (2020), Mafalda Santos solo show at Galeria Presença– featured in N’Agenda broadcast on Porto Canal, on December 17th 2020

In the exhibition A Bula do Medo, Mafalda Santos presents three sets of new works and a video installation created and/or initiated during the period of social confinement imposed in March 2020 due to the pandemic.

Each set of works is a result of this period of time, and originated from the organization of the archive, images and texts in the artist’s studio and home. The revisiting of materials collected over the years, such as exhibition sheets, short clips, drawings, annotations and lost ideas, allowed the artist to glean through memories of many things seen and lived to develop these works, trying to echo the present moment, shaped by a force greater than nostalgia: fear.

Access here photos of Mafalda Santos´ exhibition A Bula do Medo at Galeria Presença.


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